Never Too Crummy


Among all the household chores, one of the most detested (if not the most detested) is doing the dishes since the use of dishwashers is not yet prevalent in this part of the world (I’m in the Philippines). I can still remember how my brother and I used to divide the labor in order to accomplish this seemingly tedious task. I would always be the one to soak and scrub the dishes, and he would be left to rinse them afterwards. It was just a few years ago when I realized that it’s easier to do the rinsing; I’ve been tricked!

Day 019 January 19

Some circumstances in our lives remain the same no matter how hard we pray about them, but it matters how we look. Perspective is the key.  This activity that you once considered dreadful can now be therapeutic or even divine. The time you spend with the dirty dishes is also time you’re left alone with your thoughts. How did you do in the past hours? Did you hurt someone with your words? Were you able to thank the people around you? What do you want to tell God today?

Here’s an allegory. We’re like the dirty dishes; sin makes us so as we entertain bad thoughts, speak unpleasant words, and behave badly. We don’t just throw away dirty dishes, right? Similarly, when we get bedraggled because of the sins we commit, God still keeps us—He picks us up, wipes away the dirt, and rinses us until we become fit for use again. None of the dishes will ever be too crummy for Him.

Are you excited to do the dishes now?

I would love to know what you think. . .

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