OMF Lit At MIBF 2017


I have bought a few of my favorite books from OMF Literature, such as All The Places To Go (John Ortberg) and Passion (Louie Giglio). The majority of the books I have I have won through various OMF online contests!

Day 016 January 16

You play a huge part in my bookworm journey. Indeed, you’ve awakened the bookworm in me some ten years ago! Thank you so much, OMF! ❤

For the past years, I’ve been using books from OMF Literature for both our weekly Youth Group Bible Study gatherings and Kids’ JAM School (JCEF Church’s Children’s Ministry).

We have already finished the book Mga Gabay Sa Pag-aaral Ng Biblia (Aklat 1) by Bertram Lim, which I won from an OMF online contest a few years ago. We’re now using Bible Study Guides (Volume 3) by the same author for our Youth Group Bible Study gatherings.

It’s going to be my second time to attend the Manila International Book Fair this 2017, and I couldn’t be any more excited! Yiiiiiiiha! 😍

The following promos and books heighten my excitement! Check them out!

Take note that the books featured above are only some of the books that will go on sale for 20-30% discount during the MIBF 2017. There are still more!

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They also have BOOK BUNDLES!

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For more thrilling PROMOS, check these out:

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Below are the complete details to get you going:
September 13-17, 2017
Aisle I at the SMX Convention Center
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SEE YOU THERE, Bookworm Friends!!! 😉


Book Review: The Awakening of HK Derryberry


Full Title:
The Awakening of HK Derryberry: My Unlikely Friendship with the Boy Who Remembers Everything
Author: Jim Bradford
Contributor: Andy Hardin

It was an ordinary day last year when I saw a post made by W Publishing Group on Facebook. I thought it was already late for me to enter the giveaway, but I still took my chances. Not a day passed when the announcement of the winners was posted.

You bet!
I won a signed copy of the book: The Awakening of HK Derryberry! Wow! Talk about an unexpected gift that would later on amaze me! Add to all that the wonderful pleasure of being friends with HK’s grandmother. Hi, Grammy!

This was a book feature I put up last year:

All right! Let’s start with the book cover. It’s simple yet one that will make you want to look at it nonstop.

TAOHD book coverI love that the book includes a few photos of HK, Mr. Bradford and his wife, Grammy, and some famous athletes.

HK and Mr. Bradford’s story is inspirational yet sprinkled with a lot of humor, and I loved it!

This book made me admire Mr. Bradford’s sincere efforts to reach out to HK, which wouldn’t have happened had not Grammy cooperated.

Every chapter has just enough number of pages, so it never bored me at all.

Reading this book made me feel like I’ve been with HK in all his adventures and amazing encounters.

I recommend this book to people whose family members have special needs or disabilities, to those who need some inspiration, and to those who want to have a new perspective on life.

This book will drive you out of your comfort zone and will make you want to love others instead of being content with receiving the same. By then, you’ll be able to see life with a fresh pair of eyes and say: “Lovely, lovely, lovely.”

Oh by the way, this book received the 2017 Audie Winner: Inspirational/Faith-Based Non-Fiction Audiobook and Earphones Award from Audiofile Magazine.

Pick up a copy of The Awakening of HK Derryberry through the following links:
Barnes & Noble
Christian Book
Powell’s Books

Book Review: Under A Desert Sky


Full Title:
Under a Desert Sky: Redefining Hope, Beauty, and Faith in the Hardest Places
Lynne Hartke

I love this book—cover, content, everything about it. This became an addition to my favorite books right away after reading just a few pages. The introduction got me crying so early.

I do not know anyone close to me who has cancer, but that did not become a hindrance in any way for me to be able to relate to this “difficult beautiful” story.

All throughout the read, I was so amazed at how the author used ordinary words to convey her and her lovely family’s extraordinary story. Her writing was creative, dramatic yet so genuine.

I love how the author incorporated the Word of God into her actual experiences that were written in this book. I also appreciate the author’s candor to tell her story as precisely as possible.

Under A Desert SkyThis made me realize how life can get all too complex and impossible but still beautiful and pleasurable because of who God is and what He does. My emotions got so mixed up that I’ve cried countless times during the entire read.

Even before I got to the end of the book, my hope and courage got reactivated. I was reassured that God is going to be with me in all seasons of this life. I’m more than grateful to have had the chance to devour this book.

I recommend this amazing work to people who are desperate for hope or those who want to see life in a different light. You’ll find what you’re looking for UNDER A DESERT SKY. You’re welcome! 😉

P.S. I thank God for Ms. Lynne Hartke (the author) for answering my questions and assuring me (when I thought the book got lost somewhere as it took a long time) by sending emails to make sure the book would reach me by any means. Awesome, isn’t she? I’m also grateful for the wonderful note cards (made by her daughter) that went alongside the book. Wow!

Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group, has provided me with a complimentary copy of this book.

Pick up a copy of Under a Desert Sky through the following links:
Baker Book House

Barnes & Noble
Christian Book
Powell’s Books

The Search For Truth


I was on my way to church when I learned that I didn’t have enough coins to pay for a ride, so I handed a bill to the driver instead. When I was given coins as change, I looked to see if I received the right amount—no more, no less. I checked, or so I thought. When it was time for me to use the coins for another trip, that’s the time I noticed that one of them was an arcade token. 

Day 022 January 22

All this time, we might be embracing something we thought was true. Our hearts will break the moment we find out we’ve been consuming a lie. We could have known from the outset, but we didn’t because we’re too preoccupied to notice. When everything becomes routine, we become incognizant of our every thought, word, and action. We’re awake but all too often we seem asleep. We’re physically present but our minds wander elsewhere. When truth slaps us on the face, only then will we be really awake. It’s exacting to distinguish what’s real from what’s not if we’re going to give it divided attention. Scrutiny takes time; but it’s never wrong to invest time to closely look knowing we’ll earn truth as the profit.

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You are having a chat with a friend. There’s laughter here and there. When all of a sudden, someone taps you on the shoulder. It’s someone you know. Then you realize, this someone is aware of what you and your friend have been talking about the whole time. He’s heard everything. This is crazzzzy!  What an abrupt transition from fun into embarrassment!

When things become stressful, you need to breathe. When your sanity is almost about to leave, there’s that friend who is able to convince it to stay. Do you have that someone with whom you can share almost everything without worrying about being judged even for a single second? If so, then you’re blessed; and so am I. Things have been much more bearable since then. Thank God for these wonderful people He sends our way.

Day 021 January 21