Whenever my father would ask me to do something or go somewhere, I would normally say no. My usual reason was either I was doing something else or I didn’t feel like going somewhere. For years, I’ve given him the same response; so I thank God for the patience He’s given to him during that season.

This morning, he woke me up asking me to attend a meeting as his replacement. Guess what? I said no. As his excuse, he said he had a cold; I told him I was sick, too, so he should go instead.  Then I remembered my #oneword for this year—FOLLOW. Hence, I mustered all the motivation I had to get out of bed and go out of my way.

Day 018 January 18

I would be with a group of pastors during the trip, so I never thought the next hours would be fun or even anything close to that; but God has His way of surprising us almost all of the time. I went home smiling and grateful that this time, I said yes.

P.S. When it was time for me to say goodbye, they uttered: “Bye, tropa!” I couldn’t laugh any harder!


Attention, Please!


I was in haste and on a mission to catch someone earlier today. I had to meet her or all preceding efforts would be in vain.

I was about to cross the street. There was a private vehicle approaching. I waited for it to get past me. Then I took two steps forward all the while looking to my left to see if there’s another one. There was none, so I went on. As I looked to my right while taking another step, I bumped into the rear end of the vehicle that I thought was already distant or at least far enough for me to completely get to the other side. That one caught me by surprise! But I still managed to laugh at myself. Nyahahaha… 😄

How often does a person bump into a car instead of the car bumping into the person? Unusual, it is! Isn’t that what happens when we are always in a hurry? Miscalculated mishaps here and there. We get annoyed by the littlest of things. We get so focused on where we want to be that we don’t care anymore how we get there. In five years or less, one may be in a different situation—the one he’s worked hard for, but he may also become a different person—the one he’s never wanted to be. Hence, paying attention to what we’re becoming as we work hard to reach our goals is of great importance.