Success In A Different Light


How do you define success? What makes you consider a person successful? Success means different things to different people. To some, it’s about being able to accomplish their goals; to some, it’s graduating from college and having families of their own; to some, it’s being financially stable; and still to some others, it’s being able to sleep for 8 hours a day.

During my first two years in high school, my cousin used to wake me up in the morning and even help me get dressed by putting on my socks and necktie. She would also do my homework whenever I got too tired and sleepy to finish it.  I could tell how proud she was of me by the way she spoke about me in front of other people. How she’s supported me in every way she could is beyond ordinary. Over the years, many things have changed, but how she cares is an exception. To me, she’s one of the most successful people for she knows how to love, and she’s expressed it so well.

Day 017 January 17

My cousin and I more than two decades ago…

If success is measured by how much you love, how successful are you?



How blessed King Hezekiah was!


Originally, I wasn’t feeling well. Both my hands and feet were sweating nonstop maybe due to the many things that I have to do for this week. I sneeze every once in a while (hachoo!). You see? I told you! I also have a cold. Then I started to read my Bible, and reading 2 Kings 18-20 made me feel great! Read it for yourself!:D

Oh wow! Today, like what I’ve said earlier, I read about the reign of King Hezekiah. The first words in this writing make it obvious that I was amazed… and I think I forever will be. I can see that God loved him so much that He added 15 years to his life. I just couldn’t imagine how delighted this king had been the moment he learned of that awesome news from the prophet Isaiah! FIFTEEN YEARS MORE? (Yum, yum, yum! 🙂 )

I’m way amazed at how God proved His power when Assyrian King Sennacheerib, through his chief of staff, blasphemed the everliving and ever faithful God. He dared compare God to the gods of other nations. How awful was that? I’m sure that comparison he made right there has been one of the lamest (if not the lamest) comparisons ever made. How could he possibly do that? Comparing the Most High to idols made by human hands… is so ridiculous!

I admire King Hezekiah’s unwavering faith in God despite the accounts presented to him by the Assyrian chief of staff.

An immature Christian would have fallen for that deception.

This part of history only proves that God is God and there is no other. He is faithful to His promises; therefore, we shall never doubt. What other proofs do you want? Follow Him and success will follow you. That’s for sure!

To know more about the story of King Hezekiah, read 2 Kings 18-20.


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