Thank You, God!


PHOTO: Courtesy of Roger Coles

I thank God for countless things. I thank Him for the great things down to the things we usually ignore. I thank God for the air I breathe, the internal organs I have (chuckles), the ability to think, hear, see, and appreciate. You should also thank Him for such! Instead of focusing on what’s lacking in you, why not thank Him for what you have? I thank God for having someone use my brother’s laptop a while ago. For hadn’t he done that, I wouldn’t have written this. I would have done other things. I thank God for the music of Hillsong United. Their songs are currently my favorite. I’m listening to them as I’m writing this.

“I thank You, God, for making me who I am right now. I’m not perfect. I actually am way far from that, but I know You and I feel You. For me, that’s more than enough. Really, it’s more than enough…”


Doing Youth Ministries is fun!:D


I’ve attended a lot of youth camps in the past as a camper. Just recently, I attended a youth camp as one of its organizers, and I thank God for the great opportunities He’s been giving me. I thank a lot of websites offering free ideas for youth ministries. It’s true! There are things today that are still given out—for free! Why don’t you check this out:

As God has been blessing our youth ministry here in Cavite, Philippines, my prayer is for you to experience the same!

Have fun serving God! 😀