Today may be the last.


Today, you may find yourself in a place so simple—a squalid building, with no air conditioning, no whimsical musical equipment, an old pulpit, low-tech microphones, and the same old routines—but may you realize that today, you are already in the best place you could ever be.

You may not like everything you see now, but soon, when you’re gone, when you’re already far away from all the things you now endure looking at, using, or doing, you’ll realize that you’ve already been in the exact place you’ve been praying for all this time. You would wish you could turn back time, but that’s never gonna happen. Thus, while you’re there, savor every moment.

Give your heart. Give your time. Give your undivided attention. Give yourself. Give your all.

You do not have all the time. Today may be the last time you could sing, dance, play the guitar, listen to the Word, place your tithes in the offering box, share your testimony, and shake the hands of your churchmates while telling them that you’re happy to have them.

Today may be the last.

No high-paying profession, no material things, no opportunity to travel and witness wonderful views first-hand, and no great achievement or noble dream of yours could ever compare to being in the very heart of God.

You have been enlisted in God’s service. You are serving the King of kings.

Stick with God. Don’t leave. Never even think about it. The grass may be greener on the other side, but remember that the One who made that seemingly greener pasture has perfectly placed you where you currently are.

He’s got great plans, which absolutely are way better than yours.

If today, you are already part of a ministry, or you are in a church where Jesus is preached, hang in there. You’re in the right place. However, please don’t just stay. Listen to Him. Really listen. Live out His Word at home, at school, at work, and in the streets. Remain in His presence during indoor church gatherings and when you’re outside of church studying or working. Grow. Don’t get stuck. Avoid all distractions.

Fall in love with Him before you go looking for someone else to give your love away.

Today, you could be anywhere else; but God is so good that He’s brought you exactly where you are because He thinks that’s where you need to be…. only a breath away from Him.