Who Am I?


I am Maria Rachel Gutierrez Rodriguez. I and Landry Fields (NBA Player for Toronto Raptors) have the same birth date which was on June 27, 1988.

What does Landry Fields have to do with this? Nothing. How am I related to him? I am one of his many fans. (Hahaha… 🙂 ) I was just really delighted when I learned of someone who was born on the exact date that I was. I enjoy associating myself with him (even if he doesn’t know me personally) because I found out that he is a Christ-follower like me. I hope you understand. I’m just in fan mode right now. 😉

Oh by the way, I live in Cavite, Philippines.

Our church is Jesus Christ the Establisher of Faith (JCEF). I’ve been a volunteer here for a couple of years now. I was a tambourine dancer when I was younger. I’ve been a Sunday School teacher for both youth and kids. At present, I am the church secretary, the Praise and Worship Ministry director, a worship leader, and a Bible study leader.

I’m childish and mature at the same time. (Yes, that’s possible!)

I’m bespectacled.

I’m left-handed.

My palms and feet sweat oftentimes.

I have a super adorable nephew who just turned five a few months ago.

Kyle Gaddiel

Here is my super adorable nephew, Gaddy.

I love to read (even though it makes me feel sleepy at times).

I love to sing. I love music. Whenever I listen to songs, I feel like I’m taken to another world. I think I’ll never get bored wherever and whenever there’s music (but of course, it depends on the kind of music; it has to be considered as Worship, Gospel, or Christian Rock). Music makes life easier for me. It also helps me experience the presence of the Lord.

I love talking to, interacting with, and communicating with people (though this is not true for all times; there are times when I don’t want to be disturbed by anyone).

I love meeting new people. However, I get insecure sometimes. Whenever this happens, God’s love gives me confidence.

I love writing. However, the great amount of time I spend whenever I write hinders me to write often, as this makes me feel like a day consists of only 12 hours.

I love taking pictures. Too much of this annoys one of my brothers as it makes his hard drive full. Hence I have to have some self-control.

I love to laugh—out loud! This irritates my parents and siblings, wakes my nephew up, and lets our neighbors know that I am home. Those aren’t big issues, right? See, now we’re on the same page.

I love cracking jokes. It’s better to be happy, and I know you couldn’t agree more!

I love coffee. I love juice—a lot of it, actually.

I love driving and playing drums (though I am not even closer to being a pro in both).

I love organizing different kinds of events (even though I fail to follow schedules more often than not).

I love arts. I am fond of doing tons of crafts.

I love swimming in the beach or pool. I would rather have sunburn and enjoy the beach than keep my fair skin and not enjoy at all.

I love traveling. It makes me stand in awe of God’s wonderful creation.

I love NBA games! ❤ My favorite teams are Miami Heat, Cleveland Cavaliers, New Orleans Pelicans, Dallas Mavericks, and Golden State Warriors. My favorite NBA Players are Dwyane Wade, Anthony Davis, Kevin Love, Dirk Nowitzki, Stephen Curry, Hassan Whiteside, Danny Granger, Kyle Korver, Jeremy Lin, LeBron James, Chris Andersen, Landry Fields, Andrea Bargnani, Kevin Martin, Jamal Crawford, Chris Paul, Steve Blake, and Steve Nash…. Are you still there? I told you I love NBA! Do you believe me now? 😂

I admire instrumentalists (like my older brother), like the ones who could play guitars, bass guitars, drums, keyboards all at once. (Just kidding!) I find them so brilliant!

I take time to appreciate what I already have, the good things in bad situations, and the good in people.

God has blessed me with two brothers that are very supportive of what I do and of the decisions that I make.

I want to practice being thankful at all times, even for the smallest of things.

I want to remember God’s love for me all the time.

I want to have compassion for everyone.

I want to be as honest, as sincere, and as faithful to everyone as possible.

I want to be able to continue serving the Lord in every way.

I want to be of help to everybody.

I want to be as confident as I have to be at all times.

I’m a fan of many but a follower of One.

I count myself successful whenever I am able to do things for God’s glory.

My greatest aspiration is to wholly fulfill God’s purpose in creating me. (I believe it differs from person to person.)

I love being of service to people even when they do not appreciate it oftentimes.

God never gives up on me, so why will I give up on anyone?

God has forgiven me and always forgives me whenever I repent, so why shouldn’t I forgive anyone?

I know God lives in me—the reason why I am still here. I am able to overcome life’s challenges because of Him.

I dare to be a fool for Christ!

The last but the best thing about me is that I am standingupforJC! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Who Am I?

  1. Hi Maria
    Thanks for the referral to my website on the Hezekiah post.
    I saw that you are in the Philippines. I am going to do some teacher’s workshops (teaching God’s Word to children)
    in Manila and Cebu in August. I’m really looking forward to my first visit to the Philippines.
    God Bless


    • It’s my pleasure, Miss Mary!=D Wow! It’s gonna be exciting in August! You’ll love this side of the world for sure! As Filipinos say it: “It’s MORE FUN IN THE PHILIPPINES!” =D Muchas gracias for your time! You’re blessed!=D


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