What If


Back when I was still a heavy-viewer of television, which was already a few years ago (thank God!), a prudent statement from a Filipino actor caught my attention.

When asked about the negative issues involving him and his wife, he refused to go into detail. He told the media that he did not want to say anything against her.

He chose not to rant at the expense of his daughter. He knew that someday his daughter would learn about what was said on that day, as the interview would be recorded and posted on the Internet, immortalizing it (as he said it).

He thought of the long-term effect of his present words and actions.

What if we have the same mind-set? What if before we speak or act, we think of how it’s going to affect God’s name and glory? How is it going to change the way we live now?


I would love to know what you think. . .

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