Just Another Thing On The Agenda


These days, I seldom watch videos that run for more than 10 minutes, be it a music video or an inspirational one. Actually, 10 minutes is long enough. I just can’t seem to focus. I think my attention span has gotten shorter as I got (a little) older.

Yeah, and I remember. More often than not, I doze off whenever I watch movies either alone or with family. This is so, especially when there are a lot of conversation scenes in them. Oh I just can’t take them! I easily fall asleep when there’s not much action going on. (One of my brothers knows this very well.)


As I watched this video, I just couldn’t let a word or scene pass. I wouldn’t want to miss a thing, even when I knew I could get back to it anytime I wanted. It caught my FULL attention. It took hold of me.

I don’t know but there’s this something that connects each of us with one another, even if we haven’t personally met. This was how I felt with Zach and his family.

Zach Sobiech was diagnosed with osteosarcoma when he’s 14. In his battle against death, he’s inspired so many. Too bad I learned about him a month after he’s gone. ;'(

Come, fall in love with his original song “Clouds.”


All of these about Zach reminded me to live worthy of every day that I’ve been given. Neither should I nor anyone else spend it in unforgiveness, despair, selfishness, grudge, anger or loneliness. Living with any of those isn’t what I or any one of us was made for. We were made to love God above anyone and anything else and to love one another as He has been loving us since the very beginning.

Life is about love. Need I say more?

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What if you live life as if you’re gonna die the next day?

Would you change the way you’re living now?

What significant changes are you going to make?


I would love to know what you think. . .

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