A Glimpse of Heaven In You


It’s my brother’s (2nd to the eldest) birthday today! I’m so delighted, but earlier this day he wasn’t. He was refused a leave of absence. He’s been wanting to take some rest. As he said it, he needs a life. His sentiments were caused by having to work through the weekend. I believe he’s already tired.

He’s not into reading, so I’d try my best to keep this short but forgive me if I couldn’t. I wonder now if he’ll read this. I just hope he does.

I do not have earthly things to give him on his birthday because half of what I own came from him (the other half was from our eldest brother 🙂 ). And I really do think that it’s never a good idea to give someone something that came from him or her. Right?

Going back… All I have are “kind words” for his birthday.

He used to be a ball… I mean “fat” when he was younger, which was why almost everyone would squeeze his cheeks and say, “You’re so cute!”

Don’t give him birthday cards or anything that shows your thoughtfulness because he’ll just throw it away. He’s not into keeping even stuff of sentimental value.

He not only hates flying cockroaches, he FEARS them.

He snores almost every night.

We have many similarities, but we have more dissimilarities. I love rock music, he hates it. He loves classic songs, I don’t. We both love NBA Games (even if the both of us do not play basketball)! Let’s go HEAT!

I love my brother… so much! This is so even if he’s grouchy at times.

I thank him for the times he’s put up with my stories and corny jokes especially when he’s already tired. I know he’s been trying so hard to listen to me especially when he’s busy doing more important things like playing DotA. 🙂

He’s the funniest person in our family.

He's the funniest member of our family.

He’s the funniest member of our family.

I know most people who know him do not know this very fact.

If you ask him one verse from the Bible (aside from John 3:16) that he memorized, it will definitely be James 1:5. As far as I know, it’s his favorite.

He’s smart in many ways (though maybe not so much academically speaking. Haha! 🙂 )

He’s generous, understanding, mature, loving, respectful, diligent and creative.

He’s humble. He doesn’t want to talk about his strengths in front of other people.

He’s a simple person. When he’s asked to write his signature, he’ll write his nickname. He still wears shorts that have holes in them. 🙂

He’s low-key and unspoiled.

He’s a serious man… veeerry serious!

Let me prove it through these photographs:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I can’t forget the story which revealed a hero in him.

We were in a resort somewhere in Laguna. The four of us (siblings) were in the pool when all of a sudden our eldest brother got stuck in the deep part of the pool. We noticed him and “Kuya Erwin” (as I call him; though I actually call him many names) got his basketball and splashed about in the pool right away. Yes, he did swim with the ball because he would drown without it. Now let’s go back to our eldest brother. He managed to take hold of the side of the pool while Kuya Erwin was striving to get to where he was previously. When he got there, he could swim no more. Now, he’s the one needing rescue. Uh-oh!

Poor boy! I’m sorry if I didn’t tell you earlier that this happening was not only heroic but also hilarious.

More often than not, he’s able to keep his nerve, like the one time an earthquake occurred. We were at home. I was upstairs sleeping. He came to our room, woke me up and pulled me downstairs. Then we all went outside of the house.

He extremely hates it whenever his hands and feet get sweaty, but he loathes his clammy hands more.

He can play the guitar (actually he plays it well), the drums, the bass guitar, the keyboard. You name it! He’s musically-inclined. He hasn’t tried to play the tambourine, though.

He can sing, but you wouldn’t want to hear him often. Don’t worry, I’ll convince him to spend more of his time in playing instruments and less of it in singing.

Aside from peeling off the portion of a P300-prepaid card where the code was located instead of scratching it, I couldn’t think of anything silly that he’s done in the past.

He makes wise decisions almost all the time, which I think is mainly because of his “James 1:5 motto”. You should try it! It really works!

He’s someone who’s not afraid to strike wacky poses (like the ones you see here) and upload them on Facebook or elsewhere thereafter.

“I’m sorry if I use your laptop for almost a whole day every day. I’m sorry if I use your things without your permission. I’m sorry if I’ve broken a lot of things. I’m sorry if I take some of your time to have you fix the things I break.” Shiva

He’s had my previous mobile phone fixed for a few times. He helps me with everything about computers and the like. He checks up on me when it’s already late and I’m not yet home. He checks up on us when he’s not at home even when he’s busy. He provides us with what we need whenever he can. I’m a fan of him, so much that I even copied his habit of nail biting a few years back. We grew up together and even got fat together. Unlike before, he already knows how to cook nowadays. Maybe it’s one of his preparations for settling down, which I certainly hope will not be anytime soon.

He’s taught me a lot about life in general even when he’s reticent about almost everything most of the time.

He’s resourceful. He always finds ways, just like BDO. 🙂

He bought a printer when I needed it.

He bought a printer when I needed it.

He bought a printer when I needed it even when the reason for having to buy it was my fault (I broke the previous one we had due to too much use).

He always thinks of the good of others. There were times wherein I wanted to tell him not to be too nice because good people die early. (Haha! 🙂 )

He’s supportive of what I do.

He’s the brother everyone would want to have.

I can’t thank God enough for giving me brothers like Kuya Dennis and Kuya Erwin, so let me say, “Te quiero mucho mis hermanos!”

Thank you for letting me have a glimpse of heaven in you!


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